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Summer University Module about Total Life Cycle Management

The one-week workshop Think Holistically introduces the topic of Life Cycle Management and includes the participation at the business game Holistic ( which was developed by the TU Braunschweig in cooperation with the University of Art Braunschweig. Holistic has elements of board games as well as computer games and takes about 8 hours to play. The participants compete against each other in different companies that are formed out of the bankruptcy estate of a car manufacturer. It is the task to make the new companies successful focussing not merely on economic aspects but also on social and ecological criteria. The combination of interactive lectures and the business game allows the students to apply the theoretic knowledge they gained during the lectures immediately creating a very fruitful learning environment.


  • Framework on Total Life Cycle Management (TLCM)
  • Product Management, Production Management, After-Sales-Management & End-of-Life-Management within a Life Cycle Management
  • Workshop on Life Cycle Assessment
  • Case studies on Sustainability in Production
  • Holistic“ – The business game for TLCM
  • Debriefing Session

The one-week workshop Think Holistically is one element of our new “Joint Group Academy”.

For further information about the SENSE summer university and the application procedure please go to TU Braunschweig on Facebook.

Participants of the “Think Holistically” workshop in 2012 during the one-day business game.